“I dance ergo sum. At least I become whole when I dance, and well. When I manage to dance in the morning, I feel so great till lunch that the rest of the day cannot possibly be bad. Dance is an antidepressant, a mind lighter, luck powder, energy source, elixir of life. When I indulge into feeling and allow the body to lead through the day, I find a radical need orientation and understand, how little, almost nothing, I need – not only to be happy but live ecstatic. Consistent dancing is the most radical post growth and relationship development program. It is the preliminary stage to a culture of universal love.”

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Terms and conditions

The initiator of the Economy for the Common Good, Christian Felber, presents the alternative economic model as a partnering dance piece, together with his acrobatic partner Magoa Hanke.
Duration: approx. 12 minutes
Fee includes rehearsals, exclusively travel costs.
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tbd WORKSHOPS: Contact Improvisation, Partnering, Acrobatic Yoga

On demand, other topics in the area “economy, globalisation, society and ecology” can be handled. However, new topics first would have to be designed and rehearsed.