About Christian Felber

Curriculum Vitae

9.12.1972 Birth in the City of Mozart Salzburg

till 1990 Childhood between Mattsee and Wallersee in Salzburg,
passionate raspberry and trout breeding

till 1996 Studies in Vienna and Madrid

Mag. phil.; Romance Philology/Spanish (major), Political Science – Psychology – Sociology (minor)

1994–1996  Life chapter in Madrid (Spain)

For a “change of scene” (Spanish: „respirar otro aire“), I wrote my Master’s thesis in Spain, resulting in a book – in Spanish: “Hacia un Futuro ecológico: el paciente España” as well as a two-year stay.

since 1996 independent publicist and author

During my studies, I started to systematically write texts, on one hand literature, on the other hand basic thoughts about ethics, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, politics, economics and ecology. These preparations resulted in independent media engagements, I wrote for the Austrian newspapers „Falter“, „Standard“, „Salzburger Nachrichten“, „Furche“ etc. Starting in 2006, I wrote more and more books, whereby my journalistic activities focused on commentaries.



1998 Work scholarships

by the federal state Salzburg and the Federal Chancellery for Literature

2000–2014 Initiating and developing Attac Österreich

till 2003 board member, till 2008 press spokesman, till 2014 speaker. attac.at

since 2004 contemporary dancer and performer

2004 Theatre performance “Meet the Composer” with toxic dreams
2005 Children’s dance piece “Piri und Bär” at Tanzsommer Graz
2008 Bodies in Urban Spaces with Cie .Willi Dorner
2009 Sermon and dance at “A Hetz” with the Theater Hausruck
2010 “A dance for Attac” – Frankfurt (12 min)
2016 Dance with A. Stavridi at the Gemeinwohl-Fest (11 min)
2017 “Post Truth” – IIASA, for the Ball of Science (5,5 min)
2017 “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie getanzt” – Old Town Hall Munich (12,5 min, DE)
2018 “Cultural event, 60th anniversary EESC” – Albert Hall, Brussels
2018 “Common Good Dance Lecture” (2 min trailer video)
2021 “Liquid Common Good” – Kultursommer Wien
2022 “Natural equilibrium” – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

since 2004 Professor and researcher

2004–2016 University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt
2008–2017  University of Economics and Business Vienna
2012–2015 University of Klagenfurt
2012–2015 University of Graz
Since 2015 AEMS Summer School
2018 Guest researcher at the ECS of Zeppelin University
2018 MA “Angewandte GWÖ” at University of Applied Sciences of Burgenland
2018 Senior Fellow at the IASS Potsdam 
2018 Lecturer at University of Applied Arts of Vienna
2019 Lector at the DHBW Ravensburg
2019-2021 Affiliate Scholar at the IASS Potsdam
Since 2019 Member of MBA Advisory Council at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen

Scientific Publications

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2010 Sustainable creator LEBENSART
2013 Education award University Graz
2014 Economy book of the year getAbstract
2014 Premio Nueva Civilización Universitas Chile
2015 Premio Verde Fundación Navarro
2017 ZEIT WISSEN award “Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit”
2017 Reineccius medal Laudatio
2017 Premi Drets Humans Festival de Cinema Barcelona
2017 Book “Ethischer Welthandel” Top 10 der Zukunftsliteratur (RJBZ)
2019 GfG: 2nd place + Audience Award SozialMarie 2019
2019 Top 100 Changemakers Business (The Big Issue)
2021 Book “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie” on SPIEGEL bestseller’s list
2021 Orador principal Conferencia CIRIEC Costa Rica
2021 Orador XIII Encuentro Mundial de Valores

Current political projects

2010 Initiator of the Economy for the Common Good
(currently part of the International Management Team / EMT)
2010 Initiator of the Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl
(currently part of the Supervisory Board)