Change Everything – The Economy for the Common Good

Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? Or an alternative economic model that is untainted by the greed and crises of current financial systems? Christian Felber says it is. Moreover, in Change Everything he shows us how.

In this new and updated edition of the book that sparked a global movement, Christian Felber proposes a blueprint for an economics of everybody: ethical, dignified, sustainable and principled. He shows that The Economy for the Common Good is not just an idea, but has already become a broad international movement with thousands of people, companies, communities and organizations participating, developing and implementing it.


„Change everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good“
New edition, November 2019, Zed Books, £12.99
ISBN Paperback: 9781783604722 / ISBN Hardback: 9781783604739
ISBN eBook ePub: 9781783604753 / ISBN eBook Kindle: 9781783604760
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Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Hörbuch Cover

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“Economy for the Common Good” Japanese edition
276 pages
Publisher: Komyaku-sha
Published: December 2022
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Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Hörbuch Cover

„A közjó gazdasága“ – Hungarian edition
October 2020, Pallas Athene Books, 1999FT
ISBN 978-615-5884-94-8
Order here: Pallas Athene

Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Hörbuch Cover

“Ware Winst” – Dutch issue
April 2017, Jan Van Arkel, Amsterdam, € 20
ISBN 978 90 6224 029 6
Order here: Jan Van Arkel
Review in Mondiaal Nieuws, 6. April 2017

“Economia do Bem Comum” – Portuguese issue
March 2017, Editorial Presença, € 14,90
ISBN 978-972-23-5979-5
Order here: Presença

“La economía del bien común” – Spanish issue
September 2015, Ediciones Deusto, 14 €
ISBN: 978-84-234-2089-6
Order here:

“Ekonomija opšte dobrobiti” – Serbian issue
February 2015
ISBN: 9788675611479

“L’economia del bé comú” – Catalan issue
March 2014, Miret Editorial, € 16,50
ISBN: 978-84-940891-6-9
Order here: Miret Editorial
TV interview on TV3
Video to book tour

“Gospodarka Dobra Wspólnego. Model ekonomii przyszyłosci.” – Polish issue
March 2014, Biały Wiatr, 37 zł
ISBN: 978-83-936119-7-3

“Näkyvä käsi: Kohti yhteishyvän taloutta” – Finnish issue
September 2013, Gaudeamus, € 32
ISBN: 978-952-495-302-3
Order here: Gaudeamus 
Review by Reijo Rinne

“L´Economia del bene comune” – Italian issue
June 2012, Tecniche Nuove, € 16,90
ISBN: 978-8848127783
Order here: Tecniche Nuove

“L’Économie citoyenne. Un mouvement a vu le jou” – French issue
May 2011, Actes Sud, Paris, € 20
ISBN 978-2-7427-9698-4
Order here: Actes Sud
Review in L’Humanité, 27. May 2011


„Christian Felber’s „Economy for the Common Good“ offers a clear analysis that combines pragmatic designs for some of the potential institutions of the next system with a strategy for building a movement that can bring these institutions into being. His accessible articulation of a genuine alternative is an important contribution to an essential global conversation.“ Gar Alperowitz

„ECG’s aims are radical: it wants to bring about a comprehensive overhaul of our current economic system.“ Financial Times