These days, I thought a lot about the equation of GDP growth and economic growth or “growth of the economy”. And I felt increasingly uncomfortable because why should “economy” be that what is measured by GDP? If we, the people, reappropriate the term “economy” from – assumed – “economists” we can define it according to our criteria and values. Aas a consequence, GDP growth would have no relation any longer with “economy”. To measure the health and the success of the economy, we would clearly need a different methodology. That’s just the first reform step, the next step would consist in decoupling economic policy decisions from GDP and linking them to its successor: a democratically composed Common Good Index.

Read more in my opinion piece in “Meta” from May 18, 2021

Another teaser was published by my homebase think tank IASS Potsdam: IASS Blog „Economic Growth instead of GDP Growth“.

The ECG movement has started a campaign websit: Common Good Product Now!

And in November 2022, the ECG published its first Policy Paper on this topic: ECG Policy Paper #1 .