The German version of the book Economy for the Common Good has been published in a new edition and paperback!

The current ecological, social and economic crisis requires a bold and strong vision and people who actively participate in developing a sustainable future. In that sense, the Economy for the Common Good movement understands itself as an initiator and inspirational force for far-reaching change. The economy for the Common Good is an economic model for the future, leaving extreme capitalism and socialism behind. Being an ethical market economy, it is based on private companies, which do not merely pursue financial profit in competition to each other, but cooperate to reach the highest level of common good. Seven years into the movement, it is supported by over 2300 companies, communities, universities and private persons all over the world.
New German edition

PIPER, March 2018
Paperback, 256 pages
11,00€ [D] / 11,40€ [A]
ISBN: 978-3-492-31236-3

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