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16. Dezember, 9 - 16 Uhr, FELDKIRCH

Seminar "Another World ist possible -
Pulling Globalization on the right Track

Fortbildungsveranstaltung für Englisch-LehrerInnen

Inhalt: The process of economic globalization is on of the most controversial issues at the moment. Protesters an critics of "neoliberal economic policies" join every big meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Worldbank or the G8. Many books have been written about the deficits and shadows of globalization. In this process most people seem to be the losers, only a few the winners. But is it really a "natural law"? Margaret Thatcher affirmed that there is no alternative (TINA) to growing unequality, misery and absolute free markets. Most opinion leaders have been following her since the mid-eighties. A growing community of social movements, NGOs and civil society organizations do not want to follow this faith. First, we need an analysis: Who makes the rules for the global economy. Is it a fair play or a fake? In the seminar, we will get to know the most relevant actors and the rules of the game of international financial markets and of world trade. We will deal with concepts such as liberalization, privatization, free trade and corporate control. Second, we will present a broad range of alternatives: How to stabilize financial markets, how to turn free trade into fair trade, how to implement global tax justice, how to control transnational corporations, how to preserve some essential public goods and services from competition and free market, how to eradicate poverty and guarantee human rights for everyone.

Ort: Pädagogisches Institut Feldkirch


Nähere Infos: Prof. Mag. Joachim Wiesner

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